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Readers help wanted

Minnie Lansbury information and recollections sought
I am researching the life of Minnie Lansbury (née Glassman), 1889-1922, school teacher, suffragette, socialist, supporter of soldiers' widows/orphans, and rebel Poplar councillor. Daughter of Isaac and Hannah ("Annie") Glassman and sister of Selina, Kate, Ray, Leah, Louis and Hyman. I am looking for any information about Minnie and/or the Glassman family, including any recollections that other relatives or friends might have passed on to you.
Thanks. Janine Booth
Are you part of this family, descended from mid-19th century immigrants from Plotzk? I am searching for descendants of my great great grandmother and great great grandfather in order to add to my family history and confirm my descent from these two people and also to find if anyone has any knowledge of their burial sites and indeed any family information. My great great grandfather and great great grandmother were originally Hersz Gerszteyn and Hana Maria Soroka from Plock (or Plotzk in Yiddish) in Poland. Plock is a city between Warsaw and Torun and was the capital of Poland for a brief period in the Middle Ages. They were married in Plock in 1845 and arrived in Whitechapel around 1849/51 with four daughters: Leah, Betsy, Maria and Deborah. Samuel and Hannah, as they were called on entry to England, took the surname of Harris. Hannah’s mother, Zyssa, followed them around 1870. She was 74, blind, and a widow. Her husband, Israel Soroka, had died in 1852 and was buried in Wyszogród. Zyssa was known as Sarah.Samuel, her son-in-law, had died in 1863 in Whitechapel. The family had grown to 12 children, the last of whom, Harris Harris, was born after Samuel’s death. The family were tailors, and lived at 19 New Castle Place, near Aldgate. Sarah died in 1872. We do not know when Hannah died and have been unable to trace where Samuel, Sarah and Hannah were buried. I am descended from Rachel, the eighth child, who was my great grandmother. Her eldest daughter, Benah, known as Bessie, was my grandmother. I have cousins I have known all my life who are the children of Bessie’s sister Leah. Another cousin, found on Genes Reunited, was a descendant of Harris Harris, while others who have been contacted recently are descendants of Jacob, the sixth child, in Cincinnati, Ohio. But they do not know as much about our family as we do. As it was such a huge family, there must be other descendants who perhaps know a little more and are willing to share their knowledge. I would love to hear from you. Janet Webb, Email  
Davenant School links sought. My name is Michael Leigh (Libovitch).I attended Davenant School in the 50s. I wonder if there is anyone out there who attended at the same time. I would love to hear from them. Please E-mail me at

Woolf and Isaac Cozerbreit. I am very interested in finding out any information on these people. Woolf was a concert singer and sometime music hall performer who changed his name to Charles Williams some time around 1913. His son Isaac was a violinist and also later changed his name to Charles Williams and became a composer of music for film and radio. I would very much like to know if there is anyone amongst your society who would know more about these entertainers, my ancestors. Or any information on concert and music halls in the East End of London.  Kerry Price

David Litvinoff. Do you remember David Litvinoff? He was born David Levy in Hare Marsh, off Cheshire Street, in 1928 and grew up in Dalston. He was a half-brother to the writers Emanuel and Barnet Litvinoff. He was evacuated to Habonim camps during the second world war. Later he became an associate of the Kray twins, the Rolling Stones, Lucian Freud and the Chelsea Set, among other prominent members of 1950s and '60s London society. He died in 1975. If you knew him his biographer, Keiron Pim, would love to hear from you. or write to Keiron Pim, 1 Pelham Road, Norwich.

Kindertransport. I am currently writing a novel that features a character who arrived as a child refugee from Austria on a Kindertransport that came into Liverpool Street Station. I have managed to speak to a number of 'Kinder' themselves but I am interested in hearing from anyone who took a refugee into their home or witnessed the arrival of the refugee trains. Please contact Sara Hiorns on

Seaside memories sought. Does anyone from the Hackney/Stepney area remember having a holiday at Hamilton House, Seaford, Sussex in around 1957 to around 1964? The holidays were organised by a charitable organisation to give London city Jewish children a holiday. My grandparents were the live-in managers at the time and I have many happy memories of the times I spent there and often wonder if any of the children remember it. If so, I would love to hear from them.

Bernard Baron Settlement and Quaremead.  My parents are Harry Yellin and Lorraine Yellin (nee Weisbaum), and both worked at the Settlement and took children to camp at Quaremead in Essex. I would love to hear from anyone who remembers them or has any photos to share. Please e-mail
Harriet Yellin

Hi, I'm Michael Green, an Australian. I'll be coming to the UK in March, and would like information about my mother's family, who I lost contact with in the early 1960's. My mother (Cecilia REES) and her family lived at 31 Virginia Rd Shoreditch (from where they ran a corner store). She married my father, an Australian serviceman, during WW2, and moved to Australia. Specifically I am seeking info on her brother and sister-in-law (Mickey and Frances Rees-possibly both deceased by now) and their son Leonard (Lenie), whose Bar Mitzvah in London I attended in 1961. I would be grateful if anyone has any information

My name is Ken Blake. Would anyone have any memories of Stepney Jewish School, Beaumont Club (inc. Drama and Operatic Groups), Stepney, Mile End, Poplar, Folkestone Club holidays, people, me etc from the 1960s that they would like to share with me? If so, please email

My name is Marc Mendoza and my Father, Charles Daniel Mendoza (born 1925) grew up in the East End, went to Stepney Jewish School and, with his brothers Lewis (Lulu), Michael & Issy was well known in the area.
I would love to meet or speak with anyone that knew him or his family as I'm keen to find out more about his life in the East End.  Email in first instance to

Looking for photos or information about Hogarth Houses, Batty Street E1, where my mother and grandparents lived around 1915-1918.  Please email

I'm a past East End Brady Club member and am in the process of compiling articles for a book to do with Brady days. I am seeking reminiscences, fond and personal memories and any recollections to do with Brady such as your time as a Brady member, Skeet, Club holidays etc.etc., say from 1930s/1940s to about the 1960s. 
With many thanks, Barbara Stevens (nee Kaye)
Do any readers remember the Willie Stephanie/Stephany Dance Band before the last war? My late father Barnett Shoffren played piano accordion with them, but I am unable to trace any information about the band. I would appreciate any memories or email copies of photos (but please do not part with original photos).  Hoping someone can help me. Yours sincerely, Mrs Pamela Winborne (née Shoffren)  Email:

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