An evening with the Jewish Museum talking about Jews in the Armed Forces

Monday February 24 2020: 6.30 - 8.00pm. An evening with Kathrin Pieren of the Jewish Musuem talking about the Jewish contribution to the Armed Forces. Finchley Church End Library, 318-320 Regents Park Road, London, N3 2LN.

Since Oliver Cromwell re-admitted Jews to Britain in the mid-1600s, Jewish men have fought in the British Armed Forces. First limited to the role as nurses like all women, Jewish women have taken on an increasingly broad range of roles in the 20th century as well, some serving in the Second World War as drivers, mechanics and spies. This illustrated talk will draw on the highlights of the collection of the Jewish Military Museum, formerly based in Hendon, to tell some of the fascinating stories of courage, resilience and sacrifice of Jewish men and women who fought for Britain in various armed conflicts.

Kathrin Pieren is the Collections manager and curator (social and military history) at the Jewish Museum London. Before joining the Jewish Museum, she managed Petersfield Museum and the Flora Twort Gallery in East Hampshire.

The talk will last around 45mins, followed by a ten-minute Q&A session, with a mystery prize for the best question.

NB This is NOT a JEECS event. But it sounds very interesting. Admission is free. But register via the link below.

Finchley Church End Library
Monday 24th February 2020

6.30 - 8pm

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