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1. Vanished works by a famous Japanese artist. 
2. A quick reminder about the Rosenberg walk on Sunday April 1, now to be accompanied by a BBC journalist. 
3. Jewish events in Tower Hamlets.  

1. Do you know the whereabouts of these panels?

I have been approached by a woman from the Shimane Prefecture in Japan who is anxious to trace some panels painted by the Japanese artist Ishibashi Kazunori in about 1915. Born in the Shimane prefecture, Kazunori came to study in England and learned to paint in the English and Japanese styles. He is now very famous in Japan.

He painted 65 panels entitled The Four Seasons which were donated to the London Hospital in 1916 by a noted surgeon Mr. Leonard Hill. In 1938 the hospital donated them to Sir Basil Henriques at the Oxford and St George’s Club.

I have spent some time trying to track down these panels. I have seen copies of photographs of the club interior but the panels are not in evidence. I can only assume that Sir Basil sold the panels shortly after he had received them, probably to raise funds for the club.

If anyone has seen them, knows where they are or has any other knowledge of them could they contact me asap on 07941 367882 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

newsletter april 2018 four seasons

2. Isaac Rosenberg walk

A quick reminder about our Isaac Rosenberg walk on Sunday April 1, the 100th anniversary of his disappearance on the Western Front. At 9am that morning Radio 4 is marking the anniversary with a talk about the renowned artist and war poet. At 11am a reporter from the BBC World service will accompany us on the walk. Do come and help ensure it’s all worthwhile for the BBC – as well as enjoying a fascinating morning yourself as we visit Rosenberg’s Whitechapel and discuss his life and work. The walk leaves from Aldgate tube at 11am. We are asking participants for a minimum donation of £10 toward the Rosenberg statue fund. Book on 07941 367882 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

3. Events at the Tower Hamlets Local History Library and Archives

(a) East End photographs by David Granick. This astonishing exhibition, The East End in Colour 1960-1980, features numerous photographs of areas of the East End that have largely disappeared taken by the Jewish photographer David Granick. It ends on May 5.

(b) Launch of Whitechapel Boy, a new Rosenberg biography by Chris Searle with photographs by Ron McCormick. The event is on April 5 from 6.15pm to 7.45pm.

(c) Film: Just One Kid. A highlight of the British Film Institute Jewish Britain on Film series, this is a moving docudrama about Alfred Maron, a Jewish tailor turned actor, who reminisces about his childhood in the 1930s in a rapidly changing neighbourhood. Presented by BFI curator Simon McCallum. The screening is on Thursday April 12, starting at 6.30pm and ending at 7.45pm.

(d) Malcolm Barr-Hamilton, Tower Hamlets borough archivist, is leading a guided walk looking at Granick's photographs and examining the theme of continuity and change. This is on April 15, leaving at 2.30pm and ending at 4.30pm.

To book for the walk email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. For all other events, just turn up.

Tower Hamlets Local History Library & Archives are at 277 Bancroft Road, London E1 4DQ, five minutes walk from Stepney Green tube.

Opening times are: Monday 9am - 5pm (open for exhibition only); Tuesday 10am - 5pm; Wednesday 9am - 5pm; Thursday 9am - 8pm; Friday 9am - 5pm (open for exhibition only); Saturday (first and third of the month only) 9am - 5pm.


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